Encrypting SQL code with SQL Shield

At ActiveCrypt Software, we know that you take the security of your intellectual property very seriously. And despite major security enhancements to leading SQL Server software in recent years, we still don't think that you are as protected as you should be. That's why we've developed our own proprietary SQL Shield software, to better enable you to protect your T-SQL scripts from any unauthorized access, modification or distribution.

Our problem is that most recent security advances, like the upgrades phased into Microsoft's SQL Server software in their 2012 update, are all about data encryption. While customer data is vitally important to your business, there is a gaping chasm between the security of your data and the security of the very structures that bind and support it. In many cases hiding and protecting the internal logic of your applications is just as important as looking after the data it supports. Our SQL Shield will encrypt the actual application code itself; the stored procedures, triggers, functions and views that you spent so long creating. This means that that anybody who shouldn't have access to your application has no chance of sifting through the garbled code to find anything they can use.

Of course SQL Server 2012, like several other database servers, is also able to encrypt your application code for you. There are, however, commercially available decryption programs which can easily crack any code created by these programs, while we believe our encryption is far more resilient. Where the SQL Shield differs from the norm is in two keys features. Firstly, our newly developed 'Secure SQL Scripting' system means that you can pass an encrypted piece of SQL code into a server environment where a version of SQL Shield is running, where it will be automatically decrypted, compiled and then run as a normal statement. The only difference is that no entity outside the SQL Shield itself ever sees the decrypted code, or at least not if they shouldn't have access to it. Any attempts to run the code without SQL Shield present will simply result in a syntax error.

We can also set up custom encryption algorithms, which mean that an encrypted piece of code will work with only your copy of SQL Shield. All attempts to run the encrypted code with other copies of SQL Shield will merely result in a syntax error failure. For example, if a copy of your database is somehow acquired by a third party, or a customer attempts to move their database away from your server, none of your application code would run in the foreign server environment.

ActiveCrypt Software's SQL Shield is designed to be easy to install and operate. If you are running on SQL Server you can install the SQL Shield program and be assured that your SQL source will be safely hidden from any prying eyes. The software can be easily integrated into existing products, and once integrated will then work in a seamless, transparent manner. When the code it actually being executed, encrypted statements can be passed to the server in the exact same manner as normal statements, and will work in the exact same way.

You may be worried about the impact on performance this process might require. After all, decrypting possibly thousands of lines of code on the fly could push up your server's resource utilization to an undesirable point. For that reason, the SQL Shield program works with a kind of caching mechanism. The first time a piece of code is processed, it is decrypted, compiled and then executed. On any following calls to the same piece of code the already compiled chunk is utilized, reducing overall operation times.

We believe our SQL Shield software is an essential addition to any large or small company who use SQL Servers to handle their business. And these days, that's a large proportion of them. As such we offer several pricing brackets, from a simple single server single license for $499, right the way up to a full scale redistribution license, which allows you to install our software on the servers of every single one of your customers for no additional cost. We also offer educational and bulk purchasing discounts, so please do contact us to see if you're eligible.

We do think that our software can make a large difference to the security of your companies intellectual copyright. And we'd like you to feel the same way as we do. As such, please feel free to download the free version of the SQL Shield software from www.sql-shield.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us through our support system. No user account is needed, and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.