What's new in SQL Shield 6.

  • Supports SQL Server 2012 X86 and X64!
  • New Secure Scripting format.
  • New T-SQL encrypting function.
  • New GUI without dependency on SQL::DMO.

New SQL Shield 6 supports all versions of SQL Server since SQL Server 2005 on X86 and X64 platforms including Express editions and SQL Shield 2012. SQL Shield for SQL Server 2000 is completely free without limitations.

New Secure Scripting format.

Secure script is method of obfuscating DDL statements to create procedures, functions, views and triggers. In version 6 we have implemented new format of secure script. Here is an example of generated secure script:

returns @retContactInformation TABLE (
FirstName NVARCHAR(50) NULL,
 LastName NVARCHAR(50) NULL )
WITH /*sqlshield6proc*/ ENCRYPTION
vKR6PBHcLDnA3wOAFRJHzzwkAgypWi6wmb+M3S5L3Do= */

As you see, you can hardly understand what that function does. Copy and execute that statement on SQL Server with installed SQL Shield 6 and run select:

SELECT * FROM MySecureFunc() 


FirstName    LastName
------------ ---------
Bruce        Lee
Chuck        Norris

(2 row(s) affected)

On the server without installed SQL Shield you get NULLs.
Unlike older version of secure script, this script can be copied and pasted, sent over email.

New encrypting function.

SQL Shield 6 provides tree functions to check type of object, encrypt object in-place and produce secure script for any given T-SQL object. This is very useful when you need to automate tasks. You can just call:

EXEC sqlshield_out_proc 'MySecureFunc' 

And get DLL of the object ready to run (The one that you saw in the beginning that page)

Detailed description of new functions see here.

New GUI without dependency on SQL::DMO.

Microsoft constantly goes forward with SQL Server development technologies. The older GUI required SQL::DMO which is not supported by MS. We have completely rewritten the GUI with modern .NET technologies. In has same design but completely different internally. It must work much faster now.

The new GUI does not produce secure script of old format. If you need it please run "Old SQL Shield GUI". It is still included in the installer.