• Added SQL Server 2008: X86 and X64 platforms.
  • Code Recovery feature: You can decrypt SQL Shield procedures.

How to use SQL Shield Code Recovery

SQL Shield 6 includes SQL Shield Code Recovery to decrypt procedures encrypted with SQL Shield.

What is required to decrypt SQL Shield code:

Supply encryption password

Code Recovery can decrypt objects, if you supplied special password when encrypted the object:

Without that password, decryption is not possible. So you can't decrypt procedures protected with SQL Shield 3 however they can be executed with SQL Shield 4.

DAC mode must be enabled

You can turn on DAC mode on SQL Server 2005 and SQL Express by specifying trace flag like shown on the picture below. Also SQL Server Browser service must run.

sql server trace flag

You must run SQL Code Recovery localy on the SQL Server

Code Recovery uses special connection to SQL Server called DAC. Usually this kind of connection works only locally. However you can set up the server to permit remote DAC connection. To recover, just select objects, press "GO" enter the password and choose where to save recovered SQL code.